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‍‍‍Audio / Video‍‍‍

Enjoy custom installation of whole house audio / video systems, home theater systems, wall mou‍‍‍nted TVs, projectors, and intercoms.

Home Theaters

Wall-mounted TVs (LED, LCD, or plasma) and surround sound with no visible wires. The seamless installation can be performed as part of your home-building plan, or installed in an existing structure.



We can install paintable, flush-mounted audio speakers throughout your house that:

  • can be controlled from one location (same music throughout the house) or independently

  • blend in with your décor

  • can play streaming audio



Respond to a visitor at your front door from anywhere in your home, monitor a sick child’s room, or contact family members in other parts of the house without running up and down stairs. Optional music distribution available.

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